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29 Replies to “Do I wanna know? PMV - girlsodporn (Dapantaman)”

  1. cmc1 says:

    I seriously want to hit you up how do I?

  2. aido says:

    Need to know it too

  3. dundee360878 says:

    The best

  4. ThirteenTears says:

    Love her boobs.

  5. Elaine says:

    mmm amazing

  6. V-here says:

    my favorite is how she called them disgusting yet 10 seconds later she's sucking his dick

  7. no_xi_marluxia says:

    Thank you Heather.  You are a first class cum gourmet!  Excellent!

  8. rhondabuttery says:

    He clearly wasn't supposed to cum at 9:35. But that's what makes this video more real. Most mainstream porn has the guy jerking off because they've taken so many cuts from the director. This guy was putting his cock into pure wet Asian silk. Give him a break. I feel bad that he didn't get to shoot his load inside of her.

  9. MoneyWonderUK says:

    Hey!!!!!!!!! Thats pretty good!!!!

  10. jerrylbailey says:

    I need to know ! Who is at 35 seconds and 9:30

  11. Elaine says:


  12. andreibat says:

    I'm in the United States

  13. Griede_Starless says:

    at 7:49 that position made my cock twitch, must try that 1 in the very near future...

  14. justingeringer says:

    Love to see pussy lips around a nice cock. I love that she takes Nice and deep. I take it deep too. Love it.

  15. Juli762f says:

    If I could be Jada Fire, I would have to be, either fucked, with a big, strap on dildo; or, be 'fist-fucked'', by a sexy, young bulldagger..!

  16. ayakainu says:

    I totally agree with you!

  17. shopgirl19841 says:

    Поделитесь своими мыслями класно сасет клитор

  18. connymannen3 says:

    Good scene! Keep it doing this videos. Very nice ass! Firm, big and round.

  19. computerite says:

    she's not faking at all

  20. ACB2002 says:


  21. Linghan says:

    I need a friend like her, I nutted twice to that

  22. JoolsTwo says:

    Ryan Madison

  23. JimNickerson says:

    i wanna fuck both lady and the teen all night long

  24. tornado220 says:

    i need this! so sexy..need a woman to have that! fun with sometimes like that..shes a deep rider. wish I cld fill that upp

  25. Kashma says:

    It's ya boiiiiiiiiii skinny penis

  26. doubtsaboutskyp says:

    Fuck Vegans

  27. JuniCookie says:

    Damn what a gorgeous pussy!

  28. Waynebrady541 says:

    sign me up!!

  29. angelbubbles says:


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